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News Report

Men's Play offs in May 2022


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From Lois Best :
Apologies for this being late, I now have all results in and we can move on with the Men's League Playoffs.
The format will be - 2 matches for every team in three groups. The Match 1 will be as the image with the first named team having home advantage.
Please play these first games before 15th May
Staying in the groups, the winners of Match 1 will play each other and the losers of Match 1 will play each other.
This will give us standings in 3 different groups and therefore 1-12 for the whole league.
In the interest of fairness, those clubs that have more than one team, need to let me have a list of players for each team. 2 players will be able to play up but not down. ie A Team players cannot play for B Team.
If anyone is unsure of who their opponent's fixture secretary is, just post on here and I'll tag the correct person.
When you have arranged your fixtures please post here and tag Stefano Scrocco so that he can publish dates on the GMVL website.
Thank you for your patience and Good Luck everyone!


Calendar Match 1 (Semi-Finals):

Placings 1-4:
✔️ TBC
Marvels A vs. Northern Manchester Bees
✔️ Wednesday 11/05/22 7pm MSLC
Moss Side Jaguars vs. Oldham VC

Placings 5-8:

✔️ TBC

Marvels DTA vs. Warrington Wolves B

✔️ TBC

Volleygang Accrington vs. Warrington Wolves A

Placings 9-12:

✔️ TBC

Marvels Academy vs. Manchester Met Uni

✔️ TBC

Stockport Academy vs. Uni of Manchester


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