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Message from Regional Referee Lenny Barry


​Many points are also applicable for the GMVLL as well. Please read.


Hope you are all well.

NVL (and GMLL) has re-started following the festive break, and lots to play for.

I've done a few matches so far, and have had feedback from other referee colleagues in the North West and I would like to highlight / remind teams of a few key points:

  1.  Team lists

Official team lists, completed in ascending shirt number order should be submitted to the scorer at least 30 minutes before the scheduled match start time.

Team list should indicate which player(s), if any, are utilising the "playing up" regulation (NVL only).

Team list must be accompanied by a clear, printed copy of the player photos and registrations from the team VolleyZone pages. This is already available for each team on their VolleyZone page - team sheet PDF. Please print and bring with you to all matches (NVL only).

Failure to do so may result in match officials asking to see photographic evidence to confirm players are registered. This could give rise to delay warnings. Match officials are not responsible for team administration, nor dealing with the vagaries of internet connections in venues.

  2.  Scorers

There were numerous occasions before Christmas where the scorer had no previous experience, had not seen the official scoresheet before and had not been trained by the home club.

That is unfair on the scorer, and the second referees who have had to support the scorer throughout the match. This is not acceptable. Teams must ensure that the scorers are competent, and trained.

There is a Volleyball England webinar about the roles of the scorer and assistant scorer, and how to complete a scoresheet on Volleyball England YouTube channel -∈dex=13

The scoresheet, and the guidelines of how to complete can be seen on the FIVB website: always worth a look!

  3.  Participant behaviour

Unfortunately there seems to have been a noticeable deterioration in participant behaviour since the re-start. All the senior referees in the NW have raised concerns about behaviour, people pushing the boundaries way beyond what is acceptable, direct and indirect abuse and lack of respect of respect for match officials.

This is hugely disappointing, and teams must ensure that players and bench personnel must raise the standard of behaviour and respect for officials.

Some small, but relevant, reminders:

  *  No-one should speak to a line judge to question or complain about a decision. Ever.

  *  Coaches and captain could ask the scorer, through the second referee, who the next server is, checking player rotation.

  *  No-one should raise voices to any of the officiating team.

  *  Coaches must not enter the substitution zone, at any time.

  *  If a Captain wishes to ask a question they should indicate this to the first official and approach the referee stand.

All of which is done in a controlled and respectful manner. This has definitely not been the case in many matches in 2023. And this has to stop.

Referees have been reminded of the sanctions available, and to use them as and when required.

For ease of reference the FUVB Rule of the Game can be found here:  Official Volleyball Rules of the Games (<>


Both the team captain and the coach are responsible for the conduct and discipline of their team members.

5.1.2 DURING THE MATCH and while on the court, the team captain is the game captain. When the team captain is not on the court, the coach or the team captain must assign another player on the court, to assume the role of game captain. This game captain maintains his/her responsibilities until he/she is substituted, or the team captain returns to play, or the set ends.

When the ball is out of play, only the game captain is authorized to speak to the referees to ask for an explanation on the application or interpretation of the Rules, and also to submit the requests or questions of his/her team[1]mates. If the game captain does not agree with the explanation of the 1st referee, he/she may choose to protest against such decision and immediately indicates to the 1st referee that he/she reserves the right to record an official protest on the score sheet at the end of the match; to ask authorization: a) to change all or part of the equipment, 4.3, 4.4.2 b) to verify the positions of the teams, 7.4, 7.6 c) to check the floor, the net, the ball, etc.;



20.1.1 Participants must know the "Official Volleyball Rules" and abide by them.

20.1.2 Participants must accept referees' decisions with sportsmanlike conduct, without disputing them. In case of doubt, clarification may be requested only through the game captain.

20.1.3 Participants must refrain from actions or attitudes aimed at influencing the decisions of the referees or covering up faults committed by their team.


20.2.1 Participants must behave respectfully and courteously in the spirit of FAIR PLAY, not only towards the referees, but also towards other officials, the opponent, team-mates and spectators.


Incorrect conduct by a team member towards officials, opponents, team-mates or spectators is classified in three categories according to the seriousness of the offence.


According to the judgment of the 1st referee and depending on the seriousness of the offence, the sanctions to be applied and recorded on the score sheet are: Penalty, Expulsion or Disqualification.

There is no requirement to issue a yellow card before giving a red, or higher, sanction. Whilst referees will try to give advice to players about misconduct if, in the opinion of the 1st referee, a high sanction is warranted it will be given. All participants are advised to take heed of the verbal warnings being give.

Volleyball is a game, with three teams. Home team, away team and the officials team. Home team would be quick to complain if one of their participants was being abused or undermined by the away team, and vice versa? So do not be surprised that the officials team react in the same way, and issue sanctions.

We do not have enough referees. Referees stop officiating because of poor participant benahviour. Many teams are not getting appointed referees, and are complaining. But we cant allocate who we don't have. Senior referees are doing 40-50 matches a season. It is tiring, stressful and not helped when particpants behave badly.

Let's improve this together, please?


Lenny Barry

Volleyball England

North West Region Referee Administrator

Grade 1 (National) Referee

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